Oxford Online Courses: Aspiring and Applying to Universities in the UK


GPE is bringing the magic of Oxbridge to you in the comfort of your own homes through our Oxford Online Courses.
In collaboration with leading Oxbridge academics, GPE has designed a programme to inspire students aged 14-17 and enhance their academic potential by sampling Oxbridge's world-class tuition, while also helping students develop the necessary skills in preparation for the competitive university admissions process. 
The next online course will run for 1 week and will take place on Monday 29th June through to Friday 3rd July 2020.

Course Highlights

On GPE's Oxford Online Course you experience:
· Hand-picked speakers sharing their expertise on a range of subjects.
· Live lectures from leading Oxford academics, which give students the opportunity to study topics they are passionate about in more detail with experts in their fields and with other passionate students from all around the world. 
· Workshops covering the steps from personal statements through to university interviews, giving students an advantage in the rigorous university application process.
· Unparalleled insight into studying abroad, particularly at prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.
Finally, upon completion of the course students will receive a GPE certificate.

Course Structure

The Online Course compromises of 8 hours of contact time distributed between:
· 5 one-hour live lectures.
· 3 one-hour live workshops.

Academic Content

Due to demand from our customers, we have combined Humanities and Science courses to give students a taster of both areas, rather than asking students to commit to a specific area early on. 

Our Core Lecture Content consists of a selection of lectures in the following subjects:
· Philosophy
· Politics
· Economics
· Artificial Intelligence
· Maths
· History
· English
· Chemistry
· Law

These topics cover a wide range of students' interests and enable them to experience the finest lectures from some of Oxford's leading academics in Oxford's most established courses, including PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), and areas in which Oxford has invested in more heavily in recent years, such as Artificial Intelligence. In each lecture we will also give students information on what it takes to apply to these courses at Oxford and Cambridge, career prospects for each course, and what skills these courses can equip students with that will be valuable for later life.

University Preparation Workshops

We will also be running workshops that are designed to complement the academic side of the course. The topics these workshops could cover are:
· Study Techniques and Academic Practises
· Constructing a Personal Statement
· Writing a University Application
· Admissions Tests Skills
· Interview Questions and Skills

The workshops will be concerned with the practical aspects of applying to university, which we believe will equip students with the skills to excel in the applications process, as well as benefitting them in the future, when applying for jobs and finding a career.

Individualised Support and Peer Interaction

We will also be hosting a Welcome Lecture, including a welcome to Oxford and icebreakers to get to know your fellow students, and a course farewell, which could include virtual prizegiving and course certificates, helping students to feel accomplished when the course is completed.
As well as our contact time, GPE will provide an array of carefully compiled learning resources to complement our course content, which students can explore at their own will in their self-study time, making extra learning flexible for them.
GPE will also ensure students are supported through their learning and offered any help they might need from our dedicated and experienced Student Mentors. Students can chat with their mentors about any questions or concerns they may have regarding the course, or, more generally, about the application process and the university experience. At GPE we are dedicated to our students and will support them in whatever way we can throughout the course.
Another aspect of this support is providing a social dimension to ensure that, while in their own homes, students don't feel alone while they are doing the course. Through quizzes and other activities, students can get to know each other and work together. We believe that the values of cultural exchange and cultivating safe and friendly community extend to our virtual learning environment.


Finally, upon completion of the course students will receiveGPE certificate. This certificate will include the names of 
the lectures and workshops the students attended.


At GPE, we understand that students have lives outside of studying and that both students and parents would like a timetable in advance of beginning the programme. We create a timetable that fits around our students' other study commitments and enables them to plan their days around our courses.
Below is a sample timetable:


We will also be running Online Oxford-style 1-1 tutorials in a variety of different subjects.
If you would like more information on this or anything else regarding the course then please email, and a member of our dedicated team will be more than happy to respond to your queries.