GPE Oxbridge Online Tutorial Programme


GPE are proud to offer Oxbridge-style tutorials taught by Oxford DPhil (PhD) in a range of subjects for students from the ages of 14-18. Our Tutorials are designed to help the students get a real taste of life at top Universities and develop a deeper understanding in a chosen subject. 

Tutors will help students develop skills vital for university, including but not limited to:
· Application advice and guidance
· Developing skills to create longer research pieces
· Report-writing
· Analytical and critical skills
· Presenting with confidence
· Debating

The tutors will be experts in their chosen fields, as well as having ample experience in teaching and helping students in whatever way they can. Tutors will also be equipped to offer you advice on how to apply to the top universities in United Kingdom.
GPE's Oxbridge Online Tutorial Programme is a truly unique opportunity for the students who want to improve their subject knowledge or find out more about Oxford University and University Applications.

What is an 'Oxbridge tutorial'?

The Oxbridge Tutorial is a unique way of teaching at the heart of Oxford and Cambridge. Tutorials are a historical form of teaching that has been used at Oxford since its inception in the 12th century. Tutorials focus on regular, personalised learning in small groups of between 1 to 3 students. Students at Oxford and Cambridge usually have one or two tutorials every week, which will normally last around an hour. During these Tutorials, the professor leading the Tutorial will give students feedback on prepared work in a particular area.

Benefits of Tutorials

· Tutorials encourage the exchange of ideas, help students develop skills to present and defend their opinions, ensure students can accept constructive criticism, and give students a space to listen to and benefit from alternative ideas and ways of thinking.
· Tutorials are rigorous and challenging but they not assessed, and therefore tutorials provide the perfect environment for you to explore your ideas and develop your interests.
· Tutorials are an unparalleled way to explore ideas and get new perspectives. 
· Tutorials develop students’ abilities to think for themselves. This is an essential skill that students need in order to excel in the university admissions process, as well as in university itself, and is the reason why top employers are always looking to hire Oxbridge graduates.
· Tutorials offer an exceptional level of personalised attention from academic experts, which is not something students get to experience at other universities.
· Tutorials allow students to build bonds with their professors, which helps students when they need a reference or help on a task.
· Tutorials enable tutors to monitor students’ progress closely and regularly and, therefore, tutors can give feedback and additional support quickly and in a way that would best fit that particular student. This is why Oxford has some of the lowest dropout rates for universities in the world.

Structure and Content

We are able to offer a range of tutorial options to suit individual needs. The students can learn in the following ways:
· 1 to 1 Tutorials – One on one tutoring from an experienced tutor
· 1 to 2 Tutorials – Working with a fellow student and tutoring from an experienced tutor

Upon request, we can arrange small-sized tutorials for groups up to 3. Please speak to a member of our dedicated team if you would like to arrange this.

GPE's Oxbridge Online Tutorials are run over the course of 4 weeks, with up to 2 tutorials per week. We advise students to pick one subject or students can alternatively pick two subjects, with 4 tutorials on each subject. We are offering tutorials on the following subjects:
· English Literature and Language
· Politics
· Philosophy
· Economics
· History
· Maths
· Sciences

Other bespoke tutorial subjects are available on request. 

Sample Schedule

(Note: This is only a sample schedule. Your tutor might have more or less work for you to do depending on your subject area and tasks will differ depending on the subject you are studying.)

Our schedules are flexible and will be arranged with students upon registration on the course. If you would like to organise an alternative schedule, please email at

More Information

If you would like more information on this or anything else regarding the course then please email, and a member of our dedicated team will be more than happy to respond to your queries.