Data Protection Policy
G5 Pathway Education need to collect data from students, event attendees, visiting scholars, dignitaries and delegations, employees and contractors in order to carry out its business. We will ensure that data is collected, stored and retained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. 

Data collection and purposes

1. We ask prospective students, attendees and other participants, employees, tutors and helpers to provide personal data in the course of recruitment/registration and, in some cases, after recruitment.

2. The personal data that we collect from students, attendees and other participants includes: 
· personal details
· educational details
· dietary requirements and medical/disability information if offered. 

3. We need this student/participant data in order to: 
· process applications including visa applications 
· provide suitable accommodation, learning activities and catering 
· maintain academic integrity and prevent or detect academic fraud 
· maintain connections with our alumni and wider scholarly network 

4. We may ask students for information about their ethnic background and religion as part of the course evaluation process. This information is collected anonymously, cannot be traced to individual students, and is used only in aggregated form to monitor the implementation of our Equality, Discrimination and Disability Policy. 

5. The personal data that we collect from employees includes: 
· personal details 
· information provided during the application process, e.g. educational and employment history 
· disability information if offered 
· after a candidate has been selected: date of birth, financial and tax information, evidence of right to work in the UK and, on occasion, unspent convictions.

6. In addition to the above, we and/or the employee may generate personal data that will be held in an employee's personnel file. This may include for example: 
· forms and reports relating to appraisal 
· information relating to disciplinary action. 

7. We need this employee data in order to: 
· process job applications 
· administer employment-related activities

8. The personal data that we collect from tutors and helpers and other contractors includes: 
· personal data 
· disability information if offered 
· where applicable, evidence of right to work in the UK 
· financial details (at the end of a contract) 

9. In addition, we may generate personal data as part of our performance review process. 

10. We need this contractor data in order to: 
· process applications including interviews 
· administer contract-related activities 
· monitor and uphold teaching standards 

Storage, access, retention and destruction 

11. Personal data may be held in hard copy and/or electronic format. It must be stored securely in a locked filing cabinet or in password-protected computer files. 

12. Personal data may be accessed only by people who need it for their work. It may not be copied, nor shared informally either within or outside G5 Pathway Education. 

13. Personal data may be retained only so long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. In particular: 
· passport information must be deleted/destroyed once students have returned home 
· information relating to disabilities must be deleted/destroyed once the relevant professional relationship comes to an end 
· CVs of unsuccessful applicants may be retained only with their consent 
· contractors' bank details must be deleted/destroyed once payment has been received 
· employment-related information such as evidence of right to work, national insurance numbers and bank details must be deleted/destroyed at the end of the relevant period of employment 

14. Data may exceptionally be retained beyond the normal period if necessary for legal or other reasonable purposes. For example: 
· contractors' bank details may be retained if they are printed on an invoice that we must keep for tax purposes 
· data relating to former employees may be retained if they are in an ongoing dispute with G5 Pathway Education 

15. Deletion and destruction of data must take place with due regard to security, e.g. documents should be shredded before disposal and computer data should be overwritten before being deleted.

Data transfer

16. Where data is to be transferred outside the EEA: 
· the consent of the data subject should be sought
· data may be transferred only to the extent necessary for continuing our activities 


17. G5 Pathway Education is registered as a data controller under the name Oxford World Ltd, no. ZA127038. 

18. G5 Pathway Education’s Data Protection Officer is the Assistant to the Director: Research and Administration.