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This is a very interesting and meaningful experience. I learnt a lot in these two weeks! A lot thanks to all the staffs!
All the professors and team leaders are very friendly and make me feel at home. The lectures have broadened my horizons and the trips and other classes make me know more about British. All in all,it's an excellent program.
It is my pleasure to take part in OPP. As for myself, what is meaningful may not learning abundant information in such short time but spark my interest in some areas, such as Brexit, population aging, unemployment and so on, which stimulates me to do deeper exploration. And OPP is a comprehensive programme, through which I have a better understanding of British culture. What is more, the staff offered enough help to us which moves me a lot. Thank you!
This program is a wonderful chance to see different aspects of Britain and Oxford University.
Totally amazing stay in the uk, quite enjoy the lifestyle and beautiful sightseeing.
I learnt a lot during this programme, and the English-speaking condition is pretty good. It can improve our English studying a lot. In total, the programme is perfect! I like it very much. Studying STEM, studying English culture, and join in activities, and spend time with good friend, eating in Oxford, trips to good places are really good! I enjoy it a lot and I'll tell my friends in my university CQU, this is a perfect programme, and I wish that they will have a trip here in the future!
I really enjoy my days in Oxford .I have learned a lot from the fantastic lectures and different workshops. Oxford now feels like another home to me.
It is really wonderful, I love Oxford. Respect and salute to all the staff of the OPP! I really like yooou all! I aprreciate and Thank you for all your effort made to complete and improve the OPP.
It is an memorable experience in my life. A precious gift in 2019 summer! Thanks to all of you!
I really enjoy the workshop with Louise. She is so kind and talkative. What's more,all the lecturers are erudite and I learned a lot from them. And other teachers like Russell and Leo are all warm-hearted to answer our questions and give us guidance with great patience. Thank you all.I really enjoy the days in Oxford.